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Winner of the 2011 Aspen Laff Festival, Huff has been performing comedy for more than 15 years. Darrin Hensely of The Examiner  writes that Huff “may be one of the best comedy writers America has seen since Woody Allen,” adding that he “is able to pull comedy from subjects that shouldn’t be able to illicit any more jokes.” In May 2014, Huff took home a Critic's Choice Award from the Orlando Fringe Festival for Best Comedy.

Often billed as “a preacher’s kid gone bad,” Key grew up and got her stand-up start in Amarillo, Texas. She has appeared at The Improv and was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, ranking 6th out of thousands. Though she is now working out of Los Angeles, Key continues to tour as a road comic and says she considers road comedy in middle America to be the freest form of stand-up possible.

Stewart Huff

Kristin Key

A Top 3 Finalist in CBS’s StarSearch, and a frequent guest of the Bob & Tom radio show, Northern is a deceptively quiet performer. His jokes are like crossword puzzles: he gives the clue and the audience completes the thought. Engaging crowds in this way distinguishes Northern’s humor. As he puts it, “I assume the audience has a brain and likes it smart.” He presently resides  in Louisville, Ky.


Seizer is a cultural anthropologist in the Department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University. Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages is the first film she has produced. The film came from a larger research project involving the work of road comics in the United States and continues her interest in the intersections of humor, performance, and creativity. A book detailing her project is forthcoming.

Tim Northern

Susan Seizer


Robert A. Clift

Producer, Editor

Director, Videographer

Clift is a documentary filmmaker whose work fo- cuses on the relationship between popular culture and everyday life. He has produced and directed two nationally broadcast PBS documentaries, Blacking Up: Hip-Hop’s Remix of Race and Identity (2010) and Stealing Home: The Case of Cuban Baseball (2001). He is a professor of film and media in the Department of Communication at Southern Oregon University.

Hillary Demmon

Director, Editor

Demmon runs Limbic Productions, Inc., a video production company in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to documentary filmmaking, Demmon also creates commercial work for corporate and nonprofit clients. She has taught digital media production and storytelling at Georgetown University and Southern Oregon University.

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