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INDIANA PUBLIC MEDIA's Annie Corrigan interviews Road Comics producer Susan Seizer. Listen to the interview!

INSIDE IU looks at the origins of the project. Read the article!

THE HERALD-TIMES (Bloomington, Ind.) columnist Mike Leonard weighs in on Road Comics. Read the article!


Sean L. McCarthy at THE COMIC'S COMIC was at the Friars Club screening and Q&A with the producer. Read his review!


The humor studies blog HUMOR IN AMERICA featured an essay written by Road Comics producer Susan Seizer, "Craft and Magic on the U.S. Comedy Club Stage," developed from her research during the making of the film. Read the essay!

STUDIO 360 radio interview with Susan Seizer and Marc Maron about George Carlin's comedy album "Class Clown". Listen to the interview!



"I’m always on the lookout for films and books that illuminate the stand- up experience, so discovering this honest and engaging documentary was a real treat.”  - Jason A. Heidemann, TIME OUT CHICAGO​


"One would hope that a film on comics would be fun and it is. For a film that comes in just under an hour, it takes you places, including the insides of the performers’ heads.” - Mike Leonard, THE HERALD-TIMES, Bloomington, Ind.

"It’s moving and thought provoking. The comics have such a raw drive to speak, be funny and connect with other human beings, almost completely outside the cultural value systems of conventional entertainment and success. They are so authentic and surprisingly thoughtful, even brilliant. The connection that (Seizer) makes with the performers is warm and appreciative... it is a wonderful achievement.” - Sarah Drury, Professor of New Media, Temple University

Road Comics  “is nice and tight, communicating the culture and unique comic and performative sensibilities of the three comedians. And it’s still really funny!” - Joshua Malitsky, Professor of Communication & Culture, Indiana University.

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